Application of Robotics

Currently, robots perform a number of different jobs in numerous fields and the amount of tasks delegated to robots is increasing progressively. The best way to split robots into types is a partition by their application. 1. Industrial robots 2. Domestic or household robots 3. Medical robots 4. Service robots 5. Military robots 6. Entertainment robots 7. Space robots 8. Hobby and competition robots Now, as we can observe that there are a number of examples that fit well into one or more of these types. For illustration, there can be a deep ocean discovery robot that can collect a number of precious information that can be employed for military or armed forces. Robots were made by humans just for the sake of entertainment but by now they are being used for assisting humans in various sectors. Human beings are better suitable for multifaceted, imaginative, adaptive jobs, and robots are good for dreary, recurring tasks, permitting human beings to do the harder thinking jobs, whereas a robot is now used for replacing humans for various recurring tasks or entertainment to make living more expedient.
  • Prosthetic Devices
  • Biomimetic Robots
  • Distributed Sensing

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