Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robots have the skill to grasp  required information regarding their environments, and work for certain  period of time without human involvement.There are many examples of these robots that  range from autonomous choppers to vacuum cleaners.  These self-dependent robots can involve themselves throughout the task assigned without any human intervention, and are capable to avoid situations which are harmful to themselves or people and property.  Autonomous robots can easily adapt to changing surroundings.Autonomous robots can be used even in busy environments, like a hospital. Instead of employees leaving their posts, an autonomous robot can be able to deliver lab results and patient samples expeditiously and accurately. Without established guidance, these robots can be used to navigate the hospital hallways, and can even find alternate routes when a way gets blocked. They can be made to stop at some pick-up points, and collect samples to bring to the lab. Autonomous robots gets the tasks to be carried out with better degree of accuracy, which is specifically wanted in some fields such as spaceflight, household maintenance, waste water treatment and delivering goods.

  • Autonomous navigation
  • Energy autonomy
  • Evolutionary robotics
  • Starship technologies

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