Cloud Robotics

Cloud robotics is a branch of robotics that deals with advanced cloud technologies. cloud computing, cloud storage, and other Internet technologies centred on the benefits of converged infrastructure and shared services for robotics can be known via cloud robotics. When robots are made to connect with the cloud, they can be benefited due to the powerful computation, storage, and communication resources of modern data center in the cloud, that can process and share information from various robots or agent. Humans can also delegate tasks to robots remotely through networks. These Cloud computing technologies enable robot systems to be provided with powerful capability while reducing costs through cloud technologies. Hence, it is possible to create lightweight, low cost, smarter robots that have intelligent "brain" in the cloud. The brain in the cloud plays a vital role and responsible for deep learning, information processing, environment models, communication support etc.Although robots are benefited from numerous advantages of cloud computing, cloud itself is not the trouble shooter to all of robotics. Controlling a robot’s movements which depends majorly on (real-time) sensors and feedback of controller may not benefit much from the cloud. Tasks that involve real-time execution require on-board processing. Cloud-based applications may also get delayed or unavailable due to high-latency responses or network hitch. If a robot relies too much on the cloud, a fault in the network could leave it “brainless.”

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