Computer Vision

Basically, Robotic Vision involves a combination of camera hardware and computer algorithms to enable robots to sense and process visual data regarding the world. For instance, some systems have a 2D camera which detects an object for the robot to pick up. An example involving complexity is to use a 3D stereo camera to make a robot function to mount wheels onto a moving vehicle. Without Robotic Vision, a robot is essentially blind. This is not a problem for many robotic tasks, but for some applications, Robot Vision is useful or even essential. Robot Vision is also related to Machine Vision. The terms robot vision, as well as Machine vision, are closely related to Computer Vision. If we were talking about a family tree, Computer Vision could be seen as their "parent."This is one of the fascinating field of visual intelligence as well as machine learning. Visual intelligence enables a robot to “sense” and “recognize” the environment. It also enables a robot to “learn” from the memory of past experiences by extracting patterns in visual signals.
  • 3D Pose Estimation
  • Solid State Physics
  • Motion Estimation
  • Image Restoration

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