Micro and Nano Robots

Nanorobotics is an upcoming advanced technology which enables to create robots at or near the scale of a nanometre (10?9 meters). More specifically, nanorobotics refers to the nanotechnology engineering stream of designing and creating nanorobots, with devices ranging in size from 0.1–10 micrometres and constructed of nanoscale or molecular components. Nanobot, nanoid, nanite, nanomachine, or nanomite are some of the terms that  can be used to describe such  devices  which are currently under the research and development.Another definition of nano robot is, a robot that allows precise interactions with nanoscale objects, or can manipulate with nanoscale resolution. Such devices are more related to microscopy or scanning probe microscopy, instead of the description of nanorobots as molecular machine. Equipment such as atomic force microscope can be understood as a nanorobot when made to perform nanomanipulation. For this viewpoint, macroscale robots or microrobots that can move with nanoscale precision.

  • Nubots
  • Surface bound systems
  • Biochip

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