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Home to the European Central Bank, this international financial, exhibition and economic centre and transport hub also has one of the world's largest airports: Frankfurt am Main is an impressive metropolis of global importance. Many of the city's main attractions, such as the exhibition centre and the banking quarter, are within walking distance. The Zeil shopping mile, Kaiserdom, Alte Oper and Museumsufer are just a short walk away.

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Frankfurt is one of Germany’s most expensive cities. It attracts people from all around the world and that’s not only because of its high living standard but also due to the many art events that regularly take place in the city. Frankfurt is the largest city of Hesse – one of the federal states in Germany. It is not, however, its capital. This title belongs to another city – Wiesbaden. During ancient times, Frankfurt was the centre of the Holy Roman Empire where kings and later emperors were crowned.  Frankfurt has the largest inner-city forest in Germany, taking up around 80 sq. km. (a third of its territory), and the world-famous 20-hectare Palm Garden, which hosts plants from every climate zone on the planet. This city is home to two of the EU’s highest skyscrapers – the Commerzbank (259 m) and the tower of the Exhibition Centre. Frankfurt’s airport is the largest in Germany. It is third largest in Europe in terms of the number of passengers flown, and the second in terms of transported cargo. Every year, the city hosts over 30 industrial expos and fairs. The largest automobile, publishing and music industry shows, which attract millions of people, are all held here. Frankfurt is home to Germany’s wealthiest and most luxurious museums. The city’s Henninger Tower is the highest beer reservoir in the world.

Flowing through the German states of Bavaria, Baten–Württenberg, and Hesse, the Main River is a magnificent sight. In addition, the river’s banks are flooded with various markets and venues, making the Main River a great place to shop or eat.

Located in the heart of the city is the Frankfurt Cathedral, known formally as the Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew. The Roman, Catholic, Gothic Church is a divine memento of history blessing Frankfurt with its towering, timeless presence. 

Blend with the buzzing blur of Frankfurt’s night scene with bars and clubs that differentiate informal, alternative, and festive styles, the city forms as a charming companion to any patron of the night. 

Shop tax-free in the city’s tasteful plazas. Exploding with an array of elegant brands and fashions, Frankfurt’s shopping districts are a must for the connoisseur of style.

The dream of flying becomes reality in the flight simulator Frankfurt, you control an original replica Airbus A320 as you take a tour of Frankfurt Airport or a trip around the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Experienced pilots are on hand to coach even absolute beginners, and lend support as required with regards to route and weather conditions. Everything from a normal scheduled flight to an engine failure and emergency landing can be programmed and experienced.

With museums like the German Film Museum, Museum of Modern Art, and the German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt boasts in its creative culture. Marvel at the interesting collections these museums offer, along with the other numerous museums of the city.

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